Orcas Montessori School

Orcas Montessori School is seeking a new Executive Director 



After almost 25 years at the Orcas Montessori School, Teresa Chocano is winding down her career and is headed off for new adventures. She plans to stay through the fall to help insure a smooth transition.


We are seeking a candidate with a Montessori teaching certificate and school administration experience.


To learn more click on this link https://www.orcasmontessori.org/head-of-school-search


Children at work 

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The Montessori Method


History of the School

Founded in 1988, Orcas Montessori School on Orcas Island offers a dynamic learning environment for preschoolers and kindergartners based on the educational philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Dr. Montessori, Italy’s first female physician and a pioneer in childhood education, convened her first classroom in Rome in 1907.  Her philosophy and methods have been tested for over 100 years.



The Montessori classroom offers children a wealth of hands-on activities. These are a mix of practical life, sensory, cultural, mathematic and literacy work. Each activity is presented individually and in keeping with each child’s needs and abilities, under observation of a trained guide.

We also offer ample time to explore and play outdoors.


A Community of Learners

Orcas Montessori School helps its students create a community of learners in which the younger students observe the developing skills of the older students, while the older children develop leadership skills and help the younger students.  This approach fosters independent learning and a lively, cooperative system.


Personal Development

When children encounter interpersonal differences, we seek to help them work out those differences by developing their own sense of discipline and community, not by relying on an external system of rewards and punishments.

Meet Our Teachers

Director Teresa

Teresa Chocano is the current Director for the Orcas Montessori School. IN 1991, soon after moving to Orcas Island, she served as assistant in the Montessori school classroom for two years before attending Antioch University to earn her...

Teacher Tom

Tom Rubottom has been involved with the Montessori community since 1994, when he began as a teacher’s aide at the Northwest Montessori School, Seattle’s oldest A.M.I. Montessori classroom. He received his professional Montessori...

OMS - Maddie.jpg

Teacher Maddie

Maddie Olson is thrilled to join the Orcas Montessori community as the Assistant Teacher starting September 2018. She worked at Arcadia Montessori as an Assistant Teacher for their 2018 summer program, and is looking forward to gaining more experience in this individualized experience...


Teacher Megan

I am so grateful to return to the Orcas Montessori School this year following my previous work from 2107-2019 as Administrative Assistant and Cook. I spent this past year (2019-2020) off-island completing my AMI Certification (Montessori Diploma) and Master’s in Education. at Loyola University. This goal was fueled by my curiosity, drive to understand and glean all I could ...