Accepting Applications for Fall 2022

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Children at work 

Orcas Montessori is a non-profit 501C3: 
Tax ID #91-1490036

The Montessori Method


History of the School

Founded in 1988, Orcas Montessori School on Orcas Island offers a dynamic learning environment for preschoolers and kindergartners based on the educational philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Dr. Montessori, Italy’s first female physician and a pioneer in childhood education, convened her first classroom in Rome in 1907.  Her philosophy and methods have been tested for over 100 years.



The Montessori classroom offers children a wealth of hands-on activities. These are a mix of practical life, sensory, cultural, mathematic and literacy work. Each activity is presented individually and in keeping with each child’s needs and abilities, under observation of a trained guide.

We also offer ample time to explore and play outdoors.


A Community of Learners

Orcas Montessori School helps its students create a community of learners in which the younger students observe the developing skills of the older students, while the older children develop leadership skills and help the younger students.  This approach fosters independent learning and a lively, cooperative system.


Personal Development

When children encounter interpersonal differences, we seek to help them work out those differences by developing their own sense of discipline and community, not by relying on an external system of rewards and punishments.

Meet Our Teachers


Director Jai

Jai Brisbon is the current Director of Orcas Montessori School. She started her career in Early Childhood Education over 18 years ago in a small Montessori school as a classroom teacher.  After spending 8 years as a classroom teacher in public and private schools she focused her energy outside the classroom supporting teachers, schools, and communities, ensuring all families who choose will have access to high quality Montessori classrooms.   

Jai has served as Head of School of an AMI school in Dallas, TX.

Most recently Jai has been the principal liaison on a multi-year research project exploring the efficacy of Montessori education as well as the short, mid, and long-term impact of Montessori education in the first 9 years of a child’s life.  

Coming Soon

Teacher Skye

Skye Robertson is the current Teaching Assistant for the Orcas Montessori School. Before starting at OMS in the spring of 2021  Skye worked in local child care settings. Skye served as an Outdoor Environmental Educator at summer camps in Maine and Washington. She designed activities and curriculum for campers, as well as supervised high and low ropes courses and led hiking and ski trips.

Skye is an avid birder and enjoys reading short stories and poetry.  You may see her around town as she volunteers for several local non-profits in her spare time.

Teacher Tom

Tom Rubottom has been involved with the Montessori community since 1994, when he began as a teacher’s aide at the Northwest Montessori School, Seattle’s oldest A.M.I. Montessori classroom. He received his professional Montessori...

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