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What's Happening at OMS...

You might have been wondering about the great new stairs outside, which lead up to the apartment above the school...

It is the first step in our project to make room for the addition we will be building on the south side of the building as part of our School Expansion Project

This summer we took care of some much needed improvements to our upstairs apartment including separating our hot water heater and supply as well as separation of some electrical lines preparing for our upcoming construction.

The apartment provides much-needed affordable housing and the income covers our mortgage payment for the school building.

Our new tenant is so happy in the beautiful spacious apartment!

We are also delighted to report that we submitted the plans for our School Expansion Project to San Juan County this past summer, and upon their approval, will open bidding on the project. We expect this to happen within the next few weeks!

Our annual fundraising wreath sale is well underway, and we will be setting up our sales points at Ray's Pharmacy, the Co-op and Con's this weekend. There's still plenty of time to buy a wreath or ship one to a loved one near or far!

The children are busy making decorations for our Christmas tree at The Mansion at Rosario Resort. The annual Festival of Trees is such a beautiful tradition and we are privileged to take part once again! Non-profit organisations are invited to decorate a tree in the lobby, and guests buy a ticket to vote for their favorite tree. All proceeds go straight to the participating organisations.

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