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We're Back!

We're back at school making preparations for the new year which starts oh-so-soon! We're putting the children's work back on newly painted shelves, writing menus with nutritious meals and snacks, and getting all our Is dotted and Ts crossed. Everyone here is very much looking forward to having our classroom full again!

This weekend we'll be having a work party to spruce the place up, which includes a lot of apple picking. After we've picked what we'll use Libby from Ciderhouse Boatworks will take the excess heirloom apples off our hands to turn into delicious cider.

Next week we'll host a potluck to welcome our parents and guardians, new and returning, to the school and each other. There will also be a intake interviews evening and a parent orientation evening to ensure that there is ample time for questions and support, especially for those parents bringing their children to the school for the first time.

School starts with a half day on September 4th, with new students introduced to the classroom one at a time over the following week. We find this gentle approach benefits everyone.

Watch this space for news of upcoming news and happenings at the school!

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